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Client Testimonials


Here are some feedbacks we have received from our clients:

Misbah C


 I have had various issues including: Overdue pregnancy, multiple slipped discs, carpal tunnel syndrome, hot flushes, sciatica and migrains amongst  many others, hence I have been coming to Sam for acupuncture for many years.

Sam is not only extremely knowledgable in her field she also genuinly cares about you.  I have had extremely professional service from her and her treatments have made such a huge difference to my life.  Without her I was literally bed-ridden.

I can not recommend Sam enough.

Nicky Plaatjes


   I had very bad heel pain more than six months and could hardly walk with right leg when I woke up in the morning and during the day. After first session of acupuncture could feel the difference. After third session my pain was gone completely and I could wake up without limping and no pain with walking. I had plantar fasciitis and acupuncture cured it. Sam was very passionate about their job.


Hackney, London


   I have been seeing Sam for acupuncture treatments at Equilibrium for the past six or seven years and in that time have not only come to see her as a healer but as a friend.  Sam focuses on the causes of your illness or condition from a Chinese Medicine point of view, but is able to communicate this in a language you can understand so you know what she will be working on with the needles.  I have never met someone so passionate about seeing results; she really pours herself and her energy into helping you to heal, and she takes the time to explore with you areas where your body might need nourishment, either with herbs or acupuncture or even just through changes you yourself can make. 

Sam carefully explores your health history during your initial visit and on subsequent visits she takes the time to assess any changes you might have seen following her treatment.  Sam is thorough, never rushing a treatment, and offers flexible appointment times, which for a busy Londoner is very important.  Above all, Sam is warm, funny and thoughtful, which means you are treated well while you are receiving excellent treatment.

I have had several massage and reflexology treatments at Equilibrium and all have been incredible.  I have achieved deep relaxation and slept better after each treatment thanks to the excellent practitioners releasing tension in my muscles and my body.   The therapists listen to your needs and are calm and caring during treatment.  Everyone who works at Equilibrium is friendly and talented.  I would highly recommend their services!




        I have been a regular client at Equilibrium for three years for both acupuncture and massage. Sam is a brilliant acupuncturist whose traditional medical background paired with Chinese medicine always makes me feel confident in her care. I always appreciate her generosity in accommodating me for last minute appointments too! Sam really helped me with some post-surgery healing for which I am very grateful.

 The massage therapists at Equilibrium are also excellent practitioners. I work in a library and get very sore shoulders but always feel much better after a massage.

N. Khatun 

Lime House, London



I suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder hence struggle to breathe on a daily basis.
After going to Sam for acupuncture, I felt for the first time in years, that I could breathe a lot better. Coincidence or not but I also did not get the influenza virus, which the rest of my family had at the time. 
Overall I can only urge anyone who has COPD to try acupuncture.


Bethnal Green, London

   I visited Sam’s practice while I was battling acute hip pain.  It was affecting my life in so many ways as I was only able to walk a few steps at a time. I was also prescribed very strong medication. At the time, I only had hip pain in mind, however, Sam focuses on treating the whole person, and I was astonished by what a positive impact acupuncture had on my general health.

When I walked home after treatment, I felt much better and was pain free. I have also been able to discontinue the medication after just one session. 

I am very grateful for her love and wisdom. Now one month later I am still pain free. I am continuing to have acupuncture with Sam, as I also have high blood pressure and although I have been able to reduce my medication I would like to reduce it further.

S. Ali

Stepney Green, London

   I am a recovering stroke patient and my daughter suggested me to try acupuncture as my left side of my body mobility was limited. Having attended a few sessions I began to notice a difference in the mobility in my left arm and leg.

Prior to attending the acupuncture sessions I was dependent on my children helping me round the house, help with chores, cooking and cleaning etc. However after a successful series of acupuncture at Sam’s place, coupled with my weekly physiotherapy I made a dramatic improvement in a considerable short space of time.

Every so often my arm’s mobility is affected and has little to no movement. Each time I suffer this I have found acupuncture with heat treatment to help me and give me my mobility back.

Thank you Equilibrium and your wonderful staff.  


Ilford, London

          My experiences with Equilibrium in the last several years have been great. 

Facial reflexology is very much recommended for people who wish to have a very relaxing time  especially for those with blood pressure. 

The staff are friendly, honest and professional.  In addition, the clinic is one of the cleanest place I have been.

Imsook (PhD student)
Bethnal Green, London

          I‘ve been treated by Sam for more than two years. When I first went to the Equilibrium Chinese Medicine Clinic my heart had been racing and I couldn’t sleep well. On top of that I had been very rundown with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Kidney problems. At the beginning I didn’t have high expectations because I‘d already been to several other acupuncturists. I hadn’t noticed any improvement.  But I found that Sam was very attentive to every needle and her treatment was designed to my individual condition. I also found that each treatment is based on reasonable, balanced judgements. I believe her practice has benefited from her long career in western medicine. As a result of my experience I trust her and whenever I have a problem with my health I don’t hesitate to see her.

         I have been a regular customer at Equilibrium for more than 8 years now. On average I have 2 treatments per month and know all the staff very well and value what they do and the service they provide. The treatments I have done here are acupuncture, Chinese medicine, cupping, heat treatment and massages.

Having worked in the city for the past 2 decades and having known and been to many of the city places for such treatments, I was unsatisfied with the quality of treatments as well as the lack customer service. So my search for an alternative and local place led me to Equilibrium.

Throughout the years I have been coming to Sam’s place (Sam is the owner) I have found the interior to always be impeccably clean, the needles used for acupuncture are not the cheap and thick needles that can cause discomfort. Rather they are the thinnest that one can buy. When purchasing Chinese medicines Sam always makes the best recommendations and if there is other alternatives that is better for you elsewhere then she suggest those too. The cups used for cupping are clean and on one occasion Sam has bought additional cups just to cater for my needs. All the girls who work here are extremely qualified and therefore deliver amazing massages and ensure they have that initial conversation with you to ensure you get the most out of the time you have booked in for.

All in all I have always loved the service I get at Equilibrium and have recommended many of my friends, family and colleagues and I will continue to do so. 



November 2010

         I had Bells palsy, the condition which paralyse one side of the face and I was unable to wrinkle the brow or to close the eye as well as smiling was distorted. 

I was treated with a course of the steroid and antiviral medicines from the hospital in order to reduce the inflammation at initial stage, but I was told I might have to wait a few weeks to 3-4 months to recover naturally.  Sam suggested to have acupuncture done daily and  I took 6 sessions in a week. She inserted fine needles on the face, abdomen and arms and legs.   The reason was because she was not only treating my facial palsy but also helping whole body in balance.  I could tell the big differences everyday with my face and also I felt more relaxed and felt well. 



         I have been a regular client of Equilibrium for approx 5 years. The main therapy I go for is acupuncture (for fertility issues) and I find Sam a very knowledgeable and experienced practitioner. Throughout the years I have been frequenting, I have also used the other therapies they have to offer (eg. Massage, Chinese Herb Therapies and Cupping) and find all the practitioners there very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I also find the location only been 2 mins from Whitechapel tube is very handy. I have been very impressed with the different alternative therapies that I have received at Equilibrium and have recommended them to family members and friends (who also frequent quite often).
I would highly recommend anyone who wishes to experience a warm, professional and experienced acupuncturist (who also produces great results) to go visit 



          I can’t recommend Sam enough. I’ve been seeing her for more than 8 weeks with a weekly session in acupuncture and she’s done an amazing job fixing my condition. Sam has a deep experience of Chinese Medicine, I trust 100% with her recommendations. She cares deeply about what she does, about her patients and will go out of her way to make sure she gives you the help you need. If you look for a great practitioner or if you are unsure about Acupuncture or Herbology, look no further, Sam is the one!

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